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Wizards of the Coast SRD 5.1

Wizards of the coast managed to make a bunch of D&D fans angry with the modifications they were wanting to make to the OGL. But as the dust from the backlash settled they made a move that should be better for the D&D community as a whole.

Moving forward the SRD will be released under a Creative Commons License, this move cannot be taken back later and all of the SRDs released under this will be available for others to use as they please.


Steven Crowder vs Big Con

I have flipped my opinion multiples times on this topic. After hearing from everyone involved and several people not involved. I have ended with the opinion that each side in this very public argument are fighting for the same things with similar views but are so focused on their way of doing it that they are not able to clearly see the other side.

Having said that I have to side with Steven. I don't believe that Jeremy Boring is attempting to exploit The Daily Wire hosts, but the contracts proposed could be exploited by someone with fewer scruples of making sure people are fairly treated when they are contributing to moving the company forward.


Red Flag Job Offers

People who have skills in work that is artistic or less physical will get offers from people hoping to get something for nothing. I have formed a series of rules for spotting and dealing with those types of offers for full-time work or "side gigs".

  1. Cash or Nothing
  2. Offer must be from the person able to make the offer
  3. Offer and contract in-hand before the work is started


Review Dune 2021

If you are a fan of sci-fi you need to watch the new Dune. The first installment came out in 2021 and is a great movie with the second installment due to release in November of 2023.

This version fixes the pacing of the original and does a better job of showing what is happening instead of narrating the story for the viewer.

I give it a 9/10


Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker

This movie was an ok sci-fi movie but a pretty bad Star Wars movie. If this had been some movie that never mentioned concepts from Star Wars I don’t think it would have been bad, and the entire movie felt like it was written in complete isolation from whatever came before.


Titans Season 2 (Through episode 9)

Started off with a strong opening to the season but things are looking grim for the fainale if the writer's don't step it up a bit soon.

If you haven’t seen episodes 8 and 9 (Jericho and Atonement) there are spoilers in this post.


Avengers Endgame Review

I finally had the opportunity to re-watch Avengers Endgame. I was sick the night I went to watch it the first time and really didn't get to enjoy the movie as much as I would have liked. Between that, work, and family I haven't really had a chance to sit down and put together my thoughts about the movie until now.

Endgame was pretty good and definitely worth watching, especially if you have seen the other movies leading up to this. The send offs for the characters that they already knew wouldn't be coming back wer done well and managed to not feel overly forced into the plot.



Shazam! turned out to be a worthwhile movie for the family as long as the under 13s are left at home.


Captain Marvel, Hollywood, and the war of political correctness

Captain Marvel is a decent movie, could have been better, not nearly as political as I expected, and is a fun movie to watch if you approach it with an open mind and few expectations. If you watch it expecting to see an awesome movie, you'll end up somewhat disappointed. If you watch it expecting a feminist empowerment movie, you'll get what you expect. If you watch it expecting to see a "Mary Sue" Marvel hero, you'll get what you expect. But watch it with an open mind and lay aside your expectations and you'll get a couple of hours of enjoyment.