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Monday Kick-Off 01/30/2023

Wizards of the Coast backs off changes to the OGL amid fan backlash, and Social Media may not be great for children under 16. Check out this post for links to the full stories and a look at what I'm working on next.

Wizards of the Coast Backed down on their revocation of the OGL 1.0a and release of OGL 1.2. As of 01/27/2023 the SRD 5.1 will be released under a Creative Commons License. The OGL 1.0a will remain in effect and untouched for the future. Full Wizards post here.

The Surgeon General of the United States stated that 13 is too young to be allowed to use social media. Apparently allowing children to become addicted to the dopamine hit provided by the instant gratification from Social Networks is not a good thing. Full Story here.

This week I will be breaking down my take on the use of social media by kids and the situation with Wizards of the Coast.

On the review front, I will be giving my review of some Amazon Basics Notebooks and planners. In the near future I will be reviewing the Jinhao 80, Jinhao 51a, and Amazon Basics Fountain Pens.